Exploring Muslin - why we love it and where it comes from

A muslin revival is emerging in India. Across the country, makers and craftspeople are once again starting to produce this delicate, beautiful fabric using the traditional techniques of the once world-famous Bengali muslin trade. Creating the most delicate, water-thin muslin that is a joy to wear on a par with the finest silk and cashmere. We're huge supporters of this movement and are delighted to introduce our latest collection - a selection of muslin clothing designed by Injiri and made by local Indian craftspeople using traditional techniques. Shop the collection here and click through here to find out why it is so exciting.

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Glorious Hotels of India

We promote all art that celebrates India’s culture and were delighted to discover, ‘Glorious Hotels of India’, by Cosmo Samuel Brockway and Harriet Compston. Click here for a preview of this wonderful new book.

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