Visiting Rajasthan? Here's where to go...

Rajasthan is the home of Injiri and where all the label's designs are created. If you're heading there anytime soon, quite frankly, we're jealous. But jealousy aside, we suggest you head to Jodhpur and visit a few of our favourite places... 


The Second-Hand Sari Market by the Clock Tower
Beneath the Clock Tower, you'll find a wonderful second-hand sari market and on the corner, you can't miss a cafe selling the best cappuccinos and lime sodas, 'Nimbu Pani', in India!


Raas Hotel
For total luxury and a breathtaking view of the Mehrangarh Fort stay at the Raas Hotel.
Visit their website here.

The Stepwell Cafe
With incredible views over the famous Stepwell, an ideal way to whittle away an afternoon in Jodhpur is sitting on the rooftop of The Stepwell Cafe, drinking chai and feasting on their delicious Indian cuisine.

Visit their website here