Glorious Hotels of India

While exploring India we've stayed in a myriad of hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs, and while the hospitality has always been enthusiastic, the style and comfort have been less reliable, with our experiences ranging from complete luxury to exceptionally basic.

That said, in recent years India's hotel scene has been evolving hugely, hoteliers have seen the standard that has been set across the rest of the world and they are keen to follow. Pride in Indian culture within the country has also increased and architects aren’t afraid to create grand hotels and reclaim beautiful historic buildings in true Indian style. Gone are the half-hearted attempts at western style or mismatched ideas and in their place are some of the most beautiful hotels in the world.

We promote all art that celebrates India’s culture and were delighted to discover, ‘Glorious Hotels of India’, by Cosmo Samuel Brockway and Harriet Compston. Click here to read an article with Cosmo and see below for an exclusive preview of the book which is available to purchase here.

Kotwara House 2.jpg
Glenburn Penthouse 3.jpg
Alila Fort Bishangarh - Glorious Hotels of India - credit to Karam Puri.jpg

Images captured by Karam Puri

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