The Ancient Art of Block Printing

While we experience many joys on our buying trips to India one of our most treasured is being able to visit workshops, meet with the people who handmake all our clothes and experience their ancient crafts in action. Block printing, the art of hand stamping carved wooden blocks onto fabric, is no exception. The meticulous attention to detail and speed at which the craftsmen perform such a detailed process never fails to amaze.

The results are beautifully imperfect, authentic, timeless designs and while many companies will mass produce their block printed fabrics our commitment to quality, preserving ancient crafts and Indian traditions means all our designs are always created by hand.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 17.40.25.png

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For anyone visiting India, we cannot recommend this museum enough. Located in Jaipur, in a magnificently restored haveli (mansion), the museum displays a varied selection of block-printed textiles alongside images, tools and related objects – all chosen to provide an in-depth look into the complexity of this ancient tradition. If you're visiting Jaipur you must go! Visit their website here