Six Easy Ways To Bring Indian Style Into Your Home

Enter any Indian home and you'll be engulfed by a wonderful array of colours, patterns and smells that deliciously feed every sense.

From beautiful block printed throws to henna stamped walls and mouthwatering aromas drifting from the kitchen, an Indian home feels instantly vibrant, colourful and always welcoming.

As summer approaches we've put together six easy ways to bring a little bit of that Indian vibrancy we love so much into your own home. 

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Style A Beautiful Table

A well decorated table is an easy way to make a simple meal feel special. Set the scene for lunch or dinner with a beautiful Indian block printed tablecloth and matching set of napkins. Each of ours are hand hemmed and the stripy napkins perfectly match the printed palm tree tablecloth.


Create Wonderful Aromas And Flavours

Magic things happen in an Indian family kitchen, and the first you'll taste of it will be the mouthwatering smell of spices cooking.

To recreate that feeling at home we advise always using the freshest spices you can and investing in only a few, really good Indian cook books. We love Meera Sodha's, Fresh India, and this recipe for Spring Subji is the perfect vegetarian dish to make now. It's filled with seasonal veg and not only tastes delicious but smells wonderful too.


Invest In Good Serve Ware

Sit at an Indian family's table and you'll be expertly served a heaped ladle of curry; you can guarantee nothing will spill and the spoon will have been reserved exclusively for that purpose.

Choose cutlery and serving spoons that are both practical and beautiful. Our horn and wood salad servers are the perfect example; while the handles are intricately hand carved in the shape of fish the spoons are carved from wonderfully smooth buffalo horns and perfectly shaped to scoop up a good amount of salad. 

Sit Outside Long Into The Evenings

Indian families love to sit outside long into the evening, and while in India you can guarantee warmth well into the night the same cannot be said of the UK.

So, to ensure you can enjoy sitting outside for as long as possible this summer it's always advisable to have a throw at the ready. In true Indian style these clamp dyed throws are bright and colourful, they're made from loosely woven cotton and are ideal to snuggle under when the evening grows late and chilly. 


Decorate Your Walls With Henna Art

While an entire room makeover isn't such an easy task, anyone can add some Indian patterns to their home with henna-printed wall art. Take a look on Pinterest for some inspiration.


Enjoy Sitting On The Floor

Don't let a lack of chairs stop you from inviting friends over. Simply make sure you have some beautiful cushions your guests can sit on and do as the Indians do; eat on the floor. Our indigo cushion covers set the scene perfectly.